Food: At home cleanse

Gathering with loved ones to feast is common this time of year. While the time is joyous, the quality of the food that we consume often suffers. Over the past few weeks I have had my fill of sugars and tons of dairy which is not what my system is used to. This weekend I felt so heavy and bloated. After mixing up a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream with Baily's (one of the best desserts on earth!) I decided I need to put a halt to this excess. I have decided to cleanse for a few days to really go into the New Year right.

One of the elements of a cleanse is to actually cleanse your colon. This process eliminates old fecal matter and removes toxins. I must say after my homemade butternut squash cheese cake I was in dire need of this. So I heated up 32 oz of water and added 2 tea spoons of uniodized sea salt. I quickly and reluctantly downed my concoction. This resulted in the cheapest colonic you could ever do! Make sure you do this at home with several hours to spare.

Try it and let me know what you think!