Faith: Thank you 2011

2011 Highlights 600.jpg

2011 was a year of many highs and lows. This year has totally changed the trajectory of my life forever. Along with the positive changes there was struggle. I pressed through the bleak job market, a non existent love life and the active waiting feeling that always seemed present. It was hard I am not going to lie. Through it all was birthed. The style, advice, humor and realness are all an extension of me. It has been awesome to see something in my head come out and be real for others to see and be inspired. I have grown so much within one year. As I wrapped up a surprise audit from the IRS yesterday (yes people, this year stayed real to the last minute!) An overwhelming joy came over me. I felt as if something amazing was about to happen. I just kept thinking that over and over again. It is with that expectancy that I am walking into 2012. Hopeful, joyous and expectant. I usually have my goals mapped out every single year but this year is different because I have learned to manage my goals on a monthly basis so every day is almost like New years. However, there are some overarching life dreams I have for this year and they are:

 To welcome love into my life

To choose to be happy every single day

To get paper and stack chips (lol inside joke with @Rickrouse but basically get money)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting (here come the tears). Honestly all the people that have read the articles, watched the videos, left comments, sent emails or tweeted you are the ones that kept me going this year (ok full blown cry). Thank you more then you know!