Food: Ginger


So if you are a fan of the recipes we post, then you are probably aware that I LOVE ginger. I try to use it in any and everything. From sauces to soups to veggie burgers to chilli there is always room for ginger. I typically will chop it up and saute it with garlic and onions, which is the base of most of my recipes. My undying love of ginger is not totally useless. Since I have beefed up my use of this amazing root I have not been sick. The last time I came down with something was a year ago and since then I have had a clean bill of health (knock on wood). Come to find out ginger posses many healing qualities:

Boost your immune system

Anti-inflammatory agent

Gastrointestinal relief

Aids in Digestion

Alleviates High Blood Pressure

Lowers LDL Cholesterol

So mince, chop or slice a little ginger root into your next meal! Not only will it taste great it has amazing health benefits.