Fitness: Tip, Body Glide

Tip of the day.jpg

I initially discovered Body Glide last year when I started competing in Triathlons. I used body glide to “grease” my skin before I put on my wet suit. It was very helpful, but that is where it ended. That was until the beginning of this year when I was complaining to a friend about the horrible blisters I got on my feet after I ran. She told me to use body glide all over my feet and the blisters would be gone. Wallah! Just like that no more blisters (and this is after long 14 mile runs). I than began to use body glide for a number of different reasons:

 Chaffing between my legs when I ran

Cuts and scrapes from my sports bra

Straps of racer back tanks

Body glide has made my entire exercise experience more tolerable. Try some!