Faith: Life is a test, Will you pass?

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I can stand here and say firmly as a late 20-something I get it. Yes my short years on this earth as compared to others don't indicate the dept of my wisdom. However, common sense shows me that I only need to get my hand burned by the fire once to realize it is fire (well in my case I've been burned a few times lol). The same is true for life.

We get into patterns and situations that feel very similar to something that has happened to us before. We go through the same scenarios hundreds of times, the characters just change but it all feels the same. Sometimes we ask “Why me?” We blame our surroundings, how we grew up, a series of unfortunate circumstances instead of looking inward. Often we lack self responsibility when we are mad, emotional or having a pity party.

I used to get down all the time. I would cry out to God and ask why was I going through this again? Why am I heart broken? Why am I broke? Why WHY WHY! I demanded answers. Then through God and wisdom I realized that I was being tested. One thing that remained consistent in all of my situations was me. I didn't react differently. When times came up and others were gossiping about someone I joined in, when the opportunity came up to judge people with the infamous line “Well if that was me I would've..” I didn't refrain and when I had to be inconvenienced in the slightest way I always complained. It is in these seemingly insignificant moments in life that we are being tested. Are we ready to move on to the next level of success? Are we ready for real love? Can we handle financial freedom? We are tested on our ability turn the other cheek, our maturity level is tested and we are tested on how we spend money. All of these things reveal the nature of our true character.

I personally battle with all of these test daily. Sometimes I pass and sometimes I fail. Regardless, I am thankful I have the wisdom to know what life's test look like. I will be in the middle of a conversation or about to make a decision and a little voice will say “This is a test.”

I believe that the failure or success of how you navigate life's test do determine to an extent what good and bad comes into your life. However, sometimes we are just tested to build and shape our characters. When its all said and done, I believe the sum of our test in life determine the light or darkness of our spirits when we leave this earth. I remember seeing John Diaz's interview on Oprah's life class; he survived Singapore Airlines Flight 006 plane crash. He was a very pragmatic and straight laced guy. He talked about being pushed back into the burning plane and seeing rows of people burning alive still strapped into their seats. He said some of the bodies had very bright lights leaving them and other had very dim lights. The way he told the story I sincerely believed him, and the story has stuck with me. I know what he saw is the sum of the test in our lives.

What do you think? Are you being tested in life? Love? Career? Success? What was one of the biggest test you have passed or failed? Share your thoughts.