Fitness: 6-reasons you want to lose weight

This was me at my heaviest...

This was me at my heaviest...

I have battled with the bulge for many years. For years I ballooned up and down on the scale. It wasn't until these past few years that I have finally gotten it right. Recently I began to think about my motivation behind wanting to lose weight. Why did I want to be thin? I know for a long time most of my answers to this question were really vain and sometimes they still are (I am only human). The final straw for me was being fed up with my pursuits and wanting to conquer this area of my life once and for all.

However, I began to wonder why do people want to lose weight? I get a lot of emails and have many conversations with friends about weight loss so I thought I would share some of the top reasons people what to lose weight. Can these reasons be helpful or harmful in the long run.

To lose weight for a vacation, wedding or class reunion.

This has been my reason so many times! I cant quite remember how successful I was in achieving any of these goals, but I know it did not last. Obviously the problem with this goal is that once the event is over and you have not reached your target weight all ambitions to lose or to be healthier have gone out the window.

To find/keep the “one”

I do not want to keep emphasizing how I have been there a million times but I have! The motivation to lose weight for someone else often creates resentment. I think if the motivation is based on having more confidence then go ahead shed the pounds but if it is based on pleasing someone else then the results usually do not last.

To feel good about yourself (self esteem)

I don't know a single person that doesn't want to jump in front of the mirror nude and say “Damn, I look good.” All of us want to feel good about ourselves and have confidence. This is a great reason to lose weight. Sometimes when your in the trenches of becoming fit it is easy to forget about feeling good when you feel so bad. Fear not! The choices you make every day on what to eat or going to the gym will get you closer to your goal.

Because someone said you should

This is the worse reason to lose weight. This motivation has nothing to do with what you want for your own life. This solely has to do with someone's opinion of you. Similar to the losing weight for a significant other this reason breads resentment. This motivation will not last. I remember one Thanksgiving my grandfather told me I was fat, I was devastated. I was motivated for maybe a week to try to lose weight but it didn't last. Point being you have to do this for you.

To become active again

Maybe you desire to run a marathon, a triathlon or do one of those mud runs. Having those aspirations is a great reason to get fit again. If you sign up for your race far enough in advance it will give you several months to focus on training for the race. Your focus shifts from looking at the scale to your athletic performance.

 I want to look like (insert famous person's name)

My famous person used to be Amarie. I kept photos of her as my screen saver, I thought about her when I went to the gym. I thought she looked beautiful and I wanted to be that thin. However, one day I realized I will never look like her because I am me. I cant be as thin as her because my body is different. My best “me” is just as great!

Whatever your reason is for losing weight it has to be for you! And not the shallow vain “you” but for the “you” deep down inside that wants to be happy and healthy.

What are you thoughts and reasons for losing weight?