Food: Fiber, fit for life


We wanted to start a new series of articles that dealt with being fit for life. Everyone these days seems to want a quick fix for being overweight but it doesn't exactly work like that. I want to share things you can do in your every day life, that will keep you fit forever. Imagine, a day when you can wake up and just be happy with yourself and your current physical condition. A day, where you don't have to worry about obsessing over that slice of pizza you ate or how you didn't go to the gym. Well I pray for you that these series of articles help you make the little changes that will keep you fit for life.

Today, I want to focus one of the biggest “tricks” of the trade. This is the one thing that I am convinced has kept me slim through weekends of bad choices and times where I could not get to the gym. This miracle trick is probably one of thee most underrated tools out there but I am about to let you guys in on the secret. The secret is FIBER.

I am sure you are thinking “Well everyone knows that fiber is good for you.” Well, yes everyone knows it is good for you but not everyone knows that it will keep you thin. Let me just note, that when I talk about fiber I am not talking about that supplement, additive, artificial man-made crap that they add to everything. I am convinced they are going to start adding fiber to toothpaste. I am talking about natural food that is an amazing source of fiber. These are some of my fiber staples:

Brown Rice



Bran cereal




split peas


Literally most of my diet is centered around fiber in addition to a form of protein. Not only do these foods provide you with fiber but they also provide you with numerous benefits. I know the biggest benefit of fiber is that is moves along your digestive track. Now I don't want to gross you all out, however most people downplay the importance of this. Irregular bowel movements are a key indication that something is off. One of the first questions that I ask someone that is having trouble loosing weight is how often they go to the bathroom. The answer to this usually leads back to lack of REAL fiber in their diets.

Lastly, fiber makes us feel full. Eating a dinner made up of mostly kale and brown rice will make you feel more satisfied then eating chicken breast with canned veggies and white rice (which has little to no fiber content). So investigate and choose your fiber wisely.

So friends, please take this advice to heart. I can not sing the praises of FIBER enough! Trust me overhauling your diet to include a majority of these items will keep you fit and trim and help with your overall health.

What do you think? Share some of your favorite sources of fiber.