Fitness: Becoming Authentically Fit


Losing weight to me is like anything in life someone is trying to do such as completing a degree, looking for a job or saving for a house. The one thing that I believe is consistent in anything you do in life is YOU! So, with that being said I believe that many times people take themselves out of weight loss equation. They attempt to do things and live a fitness lifestyle that is not them.

They will see a friend or someone on TV who has lost weight and try to completely copy everything they did to lose weight. I know this because I did it too unsuccessfully for many years. The biggest thing I now realize about my healthy life is it is MINE! From my food choices to staying active active its easy because it is me.

So you are probably reading this and thinking “Well I am happy for you but how does that help me?” I have a few solutions for you to create a fitness life that is authentically you.

Trial and Error. So if you are reading this, I am sure that you have probably tried a few diets and gone through a few fitness routines so you know what does not work. However, can you think of some things about those diets or gym sessions that you loved? Designing something that is unique to you is picking out the parts that you enjoy. For example maybe you didn't like running continuously for many miles but you did enjoy going to spin class. Also, maybe you hated the limited food options on your last diet but you loved that you had to prepare homemade meals. Its all about customizing.

Trigger foods. This is so essential to understanding what will keep you healthy for life. What is the one food or food group that puts the pounds on? Is it sweets? Bread? Fatty foods? You have to figure this out for yourself. It is so essential. My trigger food are foods that are high and fat and processed. I avoid these foods like the plague and it has really made a difference.

Be open. There are tons of food options out there. Do not limit yourself. Try everything. I had went so many years of my life not eating avocados now I love them. I never thought that I would love vegetables as much as I do but now I crave them. Do not limit yourself. Doing a juice fast before drastically changing my diet was very helpful. It helped me to overcome food addictions and retrain my taste buds. If you can not do something this extreme try just doing raw fruits and vegetables for a few weeks and that will also help you retrain your taste buds. At the end of the experience you will have a new appreciation for food and be more open to healthy food choices.

Have fun and be active. Finding out what exercise is right for you can be tricky. At first most people only like what is easy. Find something that makes you sweat and challenges you but you still enjoy yourself. It will take time. Once you jolt your body back into a new a workout regiment you are going to experience some unpleasant symptoms like nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Push through it! How do you feel during? Are the minutes ticking buy or does it feel like eternity? That is usually a good measure of how much you enjoy what you are doing.

I know these tips will help you design a plan that is authentically yours! Trust yourself you know more about health and fitness then you think. More importantly you know your body best. So what do you think? Are you having trouble? Leave a comment or email us a question.