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Each week we want to highlight a wonderful Paparoxi Fan that inspires us to create all of the things we post on this site. Do you know someone who exemplifies the health, passion and a full life? Please send us an email to nominate that person!

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Name something that inspires you the most?

I know it sounds very cliché but my Father inspires me the most. As a young adult he came to America as an immigrant and built his empire from the bottom up. He learned English, got his bachelors in Accounting, became a homeowner at 23 and a Supervisor at a major hospital in Brooklyn, just to name a few things. Even though he is retired now he still runs daily and maintains a healthy lifestyle. It’s no wonder my dad looks half his actual age. His list of achievements is endless in my book.

One thing most people don't know about you?

That I have a secret desire to become a Top Chef.

How do you stay healthy and in shape?

I currently workout out 4 to 5 days a week by taking classes at the gym at work. I take either a Tae-bo class, weight training, Zumba or Spinning. More importantly my eating habits have total changed. I’m now following a plant based eating lifestyle. This is very new for me but so far I really like it. I used to be the person who didn’t eat the veggies on her plate but now I crave them. I’ve incorporated fruits and veggies with every meal.

Is there a moment or event that has changed who are today?

Actually there is! Earlier this year I went for a routine doctors visit and tested border line-high Cholesterol. I was in shock when I heard the news. How could I let this happen? I’ve always been very healthy, so I thought, and never failed any health test before. Since then I’ve been trying for months unsuccessfully to get back on the right track and drop about 15-20lbs. Well after talking to Khaleeqa about her juice fast and watching the documentary “Fat sick and nearly dead” (which was featured on her website) my life did a complete 360. I took control of my health by juicing fruits/vegetables and eating a plant based diet. I have so much more energy, my hair/skin looks and feels healthier and I lost 25lbs. What’s even better is I lowered my Cholesterol by 43 points. This experience has changed my life and I will never go BACK to my old ways.

What is the best advice you could give someone?

“The Way to Happiness is: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry. Live simply. Give much. Fill your life with love. Keep GOD First"

That's my favorite quote and it's the bottom signature on all my emails.

Favorite food?

Chicken and fried plantains used to my favorite. Now it’s an Indian dish called “Aloo Palak”. It’s made with Spinach (my new favorite),potatoes and spices.

One word to describe yourself?


What do you want your contribution to this world to be?

To get as many people healthy as possible. It’s time we take back our lives and get fit!