Style: Mary Tyler Moore

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One of my favorite things to do is go vintage shopping at my local Salvation Army which I affectionately call “Sally’s”. There are so many trendy fashionable looks out that right now that I feel that if you can always find something that is stylish and wonderful you just have to know how to look so I want to share some tips to finding your next great find at Sally’s!

Stay away from t-shirts, tank tops, and sweats. While you should have these items in your wardrobe you don’t need to purchase them second hand and usually these items are really worn out.

Do your research. Look up some of the hot trends right now before you visit Sally’s because chances are you can find something that you might want to try out and a cheap find at Sally’s is the perfect place to do it at. One of my favorite sites for style inspiration is

Fur and wool are timeless. These are go to items in Sally’s. they are always in style and if you can find some good items they don’t look too worn they are perfect.

Please try the clothes on! This is more like a warning. I have purchased some things at Sally’s that didn’t’ quite look the same when I brought them home. I always tell my friends try all things on! It is so crucial.

Stay away from items that “Date” the clothes. Such as sparkles, lace, beads, tassels, fishnet, studs and rhinestones usually put a timestamp on the item you are buying you may want to stay away from things like this.