Spirit: "Samo"


Last night I worked through the documentary The Radiant Child directed by Tamra Davis chronicling the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquait. While the actual format of the documentary was nothing original the subject Basqauit was intriguing. While I find that people either sing his praises or dislike his work he certainly revolutionized his era and the genre called neo expressionism. I am clearly no art intellectual however, I do think his work is genius. Beyond his work, I thought the process under which he worked was the most inspiring of it all.

He was always working. Always painting working on several projects at once. He loved to have music, people, books and radio around him to draw inspiration as he worked."I start a picture and I finish it. I dont think about art while I work. I try to think about life."- Basquait. I think something spiritual can be learned from this. Most of us tend to do our best thinking and creating when are are not trying at all. Challenge yourself to get outside of the box and really create something worth while. I tend to work as he does with lots of music and books and people gaining inspiration from from life, and the quality of my work as been so much better. Give it a try. Its easy to be inspired by the finished product, but the real magic is in the process.