Style: The Space You Love

Space you love.jpg

I really feel like a great space is one of the cornerstones to living well. You have to have that one space that you can just be you and that looks so fabulous that you look twice. I can spend hours in my space because it just feels so right and it’s me. So how do you rox your own space without going broke?  I have a few solutions for you and they work! Believe it or not none of the furniture in my room cost more than $100.

 Upgrade existing furniture. Most of the furniture in my room I made. I choose some high quality black spray paint and white paint and gave old worn out furniture an upgrade. Maybe you have an old dresser or vanity that needs a makeover. Have imagination when you go to thrift stores or look on craig’s list the opprotunities are endless.  

 Look for amazing accent pieces. Since my room has revamped furniture I decided to accessorize with pieces that “looked” high end to glam up the room such as a crystal chandelier and crystal candle holders and picture frames. It made my somewhat shabby totally chic.

 Never too many mirrors. I love mirrors they spread light and open up a room. I have three larger mirrors in my space and it really brings the room alive. Mirrors can be expensive so I like to look at yard sales or the salvation army for mirrors that you can repaint to suit your style

 Pictures personalize your space. Go through facebook one day and pick 10 of your favorite pictures they can be moments with friends or family and print them out in different sizes and colors frame them and you have instantly warmed up your space.

 Devoute covers rox! This tip can transform your room on a budget. A simple devoute cover can be gorgeous and give your room a totally new look while being very inexpensive. I paid only $40 for mine at TJ Maxx and it came with pillow cases.  

I am a firm believer in luxury on a budget so go head and rox your room out! Send me your pictures!