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Hi, I am Khaleeqa Rouse I am your breakup bestie, and I am on a mission to teach dynamic women how to turn their pain from a breakup into their purpose.


Our intuition never guides us wrong if we know how to flex it! In this episode I am going to share 3 key areas in your potential mate that will help you understand who they are. This session will also help you gain insight on who you are in relation to these areas. As always, grab your free worksheet download: https://now.paparoxi.com/red-flags

Are you looking to have your biggest comeback to date? Maybe you are just coming out a relationship… or you are stuck in a rut. Today I am talking about 3 key areas that will help you have your biggest comeback yet! You are much stronger than you think, and I want to show you how you can be the best version on yourself.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Walk Away... || Episode 9 Do I stay or do I go? Sometimes it can be hard when we only have a feeling that something is off. This week I shed some light on all the subtle areas of a relationship that are clues we need to walk away. This week’s FREEBIE will help you gain some clarity on your own, it is an in depth pros & cons list with questions you can ask yourself.

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Today I am discussing how to be intentional about choosing the love that you want. Ladies, so many times we go with the flow and settle into relationships that are not our heart’s desire. I want to equip you the with methods and tools to choose the love that you truly want and never settle again. This week I have included a freebie, that is 20 questions to ask your next date to understand who they are and 5 wise attitudes to help you choose better.

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Today I am discussing “How to find confidence after betrayal”  I have been there before, and often our first instinct is to beat ourselves up or blame ourselves when our mate cheats or rejects us. I want to show you how you can change that mindset, dig deep and set the intention for the love that you want. Also included in this episode is are 4 exclusive affirmations that you can print out. These free beautiful affirmations will affirm your worth, cultivate healthy love and help you to release former lovers.

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"How to make room for room real love.."

So many times we focus on what we can do externally to find love; however, I want to discuss with you 5 areas that you can enhance to cultivate the love that you want. I am so excited to dig in! Also for this episode I have a cool template for at “Love Mission Statement” for you to personalize and affirm daily. You can download the show notes as well as the mission statement template here: https://now.paparoxi.com/make-room-fo... 

“Am I settling in my romantic relationship? ”

I discuss 4 proactive things you can do to avoid settling, as well as give you 4 signs that will help you determine if you are settling. You can download your free guide, and activity here: http://now.paparoxi.com/am-i-settling/

"5 Ways to get over your ex"

Breakups are truly difficult and painful. I have been there more times than I'd like to say, so I wanted to share some tips for how you can forget your ex and move on with your life. Download your show notes: http://now.paparoxi.com/getoverhim/


“Is it love or infatuation?"

I have been there, plenty of times. I want to share insight from my experience as well as working with people in my day to day job an administrator and doing family social work. Grab your Freebie: http://now.paparoxi.com/loveorinfatua... 

"Should I start a relationship right after a breakup?"

Rebound relationships seem like the quickest way to get over an ex. Well I discuss whether or not that is the best option after a breakup. Grab your free guide and journaling exercise here: https://now.paparoxi.com/breakuproutines/

"How to get rid of Maybe Bae & Flaky Friends!"

We have all been there, and I want to cover a few quick points for how you can upgrade those people closest to your heart. Grab your freebie: http://now.paparoxi.com/maybebae/