Introduction to healthy living speaker Khaleeqa Rouse; founder of the health website; blogger, ironman triathlete and plant based enthusiast. Khaleeqa specializes in teaching people how to find authentic health & life balance. 

This high energy thought provoking seminar focuses on equipping corpo-rate leaders with the strategies they need improve their health, live longer and find peace. Imagine reaching 80 and feeling full of life and vitality with not only a wealthy 401(k) but a healthy body. That life is possible, and this talk will teach leaders how to smartly in-vest in lifestyle changes now to reap.

“Khaleeqa Rouse you are an Ironman!” the most awesome thing anyone has yet to say to me. I finished Ironman with years of endurance sport trial and error under my belt. This talk will motivate en-durance sport newbies to conquer their fears and reach their goals. I will share basic information on how to start, what to buy and where to get help as the audience seeks to make their athletic dreams reality.

God has given us all the tools needed to be healed and healthy however we just have to know how to use them! This hu-morous and energetic talk will give peo-ple of faith the wisdom they need to live authentically healthy lives. Sharing personal testimony, biblical insight and easy to follow tools the audience will leave with a deeper understanding of God’s heart toward our health and how he can help us change our health destiny.

Ready to look and feel amazing without counting calories? Or look ripped with-out buying a ton of weight loss products and gadgets? Well this talk is for you! This enlightening seminar will give you the tools you need to start finding your authentically healthy self.

Ready to look great, stay in shape and beat the dorm flu? College often seems like a recipe for weight gain, stress and sickness, from the late night study hours, 24-hour take out to the pizza parties for every event. Sharing powerful tools and animated testimonies, this seminar will provide coeds with the inspiration and tools they need to look and feel fantastic!

Ever wanted to learn what to do with fresh fruits and veggies besides making a salad? This highly engaging and delicious “cooking” demonstration will share the basic tools and ideas to begin incorporating raw food into everyday life. The audience may never look at fruits and vegetables the same.