Get Inspired: Faith

Our will to live, to be inspired, to be motivated all starts within. Paparoxi, started out just focusing on the external things that were cool, healthy and inspiring but did not factor in the internal change that has to take place in order to manifest something great physical. It was around 2012 that we realized that we needed to delve deeper into healthy living beyond just a surface or external point of view. 

The articles, content and video that is shared in our Faith post are created to spark something within anyone who partakes. They are designed to make you think and your own journey within; where you came from and where you are planning to go. Our faith in Christ, faith in our lives and faith in a future is elementary to what motivates us to live, create and love. 

Our faith, like our bodies needs to evolve, get stronger and inspire others. We pray that this area of Paparoxi will bless your life, and be the catalyst for your own journey toward God. 

Thank you for visiting. 

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— Khaleeqa aka Roxi

The Life
5 Life Lessons I passed in 2015

I believe intently looking back at the past in order to prepare us for the future will help us more than getting wrapped up in the emotions of New Year’s Eve. I want to share a few intangibles of 2015 that I couldn’t quite put on a vision board but were more valuable than anything I could have ever asked for.