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Learning how to properly nourish our bodies is essential in living a healthy lifestyle. At times it might seem daunting, there are hundreds of diets, cookbook, blogs and recipes out there. Many times we become paralyzed by over analyzing a healthy lifestyle. 

Paparoxi is unique to this plethora of information because we encourage everyone to take an authentic approach to healthy living. What are the foods that you love? How can you incorporate healthy actions into your routine? What healthy techniques can you implement that will change your entire family? Healthy living is a journey not a race. This journey is yours, so no one can really dictate to you how you should specifically eat without first knowing who you are. 

The recipes, tips and advice found in our content is meant to inspire. Challenge your way of thinking about food, encourage you to go home and try a new way of cooking or a try a vegetable you may never have tried before. The possibilities are endless.

Your journey toward health is important and unique. Today, decide to take the first step toward reclaiming your health!

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— Khaleeqa aka Roxi

The Life
When Juice Fasting Becomes Anorexia

They were the wrong reasons for juice fasting because they had nothing to do with jumpstarting my heath or spiritual vitality but they were purely vain and based on a negative body image I was battling.