Welcome to Paparoxi!

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I want to thank for visiting this website. Paparoxi is a brand that is dedicated to inspiring people to let their lives shine! The focus here is on faith, food and fitness. Paparoxi was started in January 2011 to share my personal story of triumph from being overweight, discovering fitness and finding God through Jesus. 

Since starting I have had tremendous success and have reached so many people. My hope this year is to take it to the next level, reaching even more people through stories, articles and videos. I feel called to help people understand that they don’t have to settle with being unhealthy, being depressed or feeling alone; it is never to late to start over! 

My prayer is that my story, the advice and tips on paparoxi.com will impact the lives of all who watch read or listen. 

God is with us and he loves us so much. Let the light of his love change who we are for the better!